Session Report: Ambush!

This is report from the mission "Bloody St. Mick" from the solo WWII wargame "Ambush!" Mission Report: Assault on St. Michaux Road June 1944. They weren’t the best squad I had… they were the only squad I had. If I’d had my druthers, I would have held out for a more experienced team, but there... Continue Reading →

Session Report: Space Hulk Death Angel

This is an older report about a game of SHDA, which is my favorite game from Fantasy Flight. It's awkward and clunky, with an atrocious rulebook, but is pretty awesome once you get it down. I have all the expansions, but the game is out of print. I hadn't played SHDA for a couple of... Continue Reading →

Session Report: Rune Age

This is an older report of a session of Rune Age, the deckbuilder from Fantasy Flight. I played a number of times before trading it away, but it's a cool, little game. I picked up Rune Age over the weekend, and have been consistently schooled with each solo game I've played (both Dragonlords and Cataclysm).... Continue Reading →

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