Board Game Thunderdome!

I don’t like top ten lists. I don’t even like rating games or picking out favorites (see my previous rant post). I don’t believe it’s because I’m indecisive, but it might be (or maybe not). That being said, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon with everyone else and rank my collection! I looked at... Continue Reading →

Designer Diary: The Noisavni Invasion (part 2)

You can find part one of the designer diary here and buy a copy of The Noisavni Invasion from Wargame Vault. IV. Under the Hood - Combat A skirmish game needs combat, and it was easy to use cards for that. Cards also meant I could remove some of the swinginess that dice would provide.... Continue Reading →

Your Game Ratings Suck

Is that new game you bought rated a 7.3 or a 6.97? How much of a difference does a third of a point make anyway? If you think it’s an 8, and like it better than that other game you also rated an 8, shouldn’t you downgrade the inferior one? If there’s a truly fantastic... Continue Reading →

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