Review: Yspahan

After being interested in it for a while, I finally got a chance to play Yspahan recently. I’ve played many games now, and have learned a bunch of strategies, both from playing, and from reading posts here on the Geek. I really enjoy the game, as I think it’s very solidly designed and gives players... Continue Reading →


Session Report: Conquest of Planet Earth

This is an older report about a game of Conquest of Planet Earth by Flying Frog Games. We've played the game numerous times since then, in various player counts. So my friend Jared's copy of Conquest finally arrived, and we gave a 2P cooperative game a shot. Hoping for maximum carnage, we chose to play... Continue Reading →

Session Report: Rune Age

This is an older report of a session of Rune Age, the deckbuilder from Fantasy Flight. I played a number of times before trading it away, but it's a cool, little game. I picked up Rune Age over the weekend, and have been consistently schooled with each solo game I've played (both Dragonlords and Cataclysm).... Continue Reading →

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