Review: Pergamemnon

A Minotaur in sheep's clothing... Pergamemnon is a strange beast, and like many misunderstood creatures, it gets a bad rap. It was billed as a deckbuilder, which it sort of is, but not really. It's got an unusual turn order mechanism that can rub people the wrong way. And most importantly, it's a harsh game... Continue Reading →

Review: Eindekker

You'll laugh, you'll cry... you'll throw your dice across the room! Eindekker, designed by Bob Flood and published by Minden Games, is a throwback to an older generation of games. On the surface, there are few decisions, tons of dice-chucking, and a lot of time spend referencing tables and charts. It’s old school, but I... Continue Reading →

Review: Lucca Citta

I ordered a copy of Lucca Citta from Coolstuffinc for $4.99, and got a chance to check it out last night. Some posts on here gave it so-so reviews, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the game. The mechanics are pretty basic, and at first it seems as if... Continue Reading →

Review: Yspahan

After being interested in it for a while, I finally got a chance to play Yspahan recently. I’ve played many games now, and have learned a bunch of strategies, both from playing, and from reading posts here on the Geek. I really enjoy the game, as I think it’s very solidly designed and gives players... Continue Reading →

Session Report: Rune Age

This is an older report of a session of Rune Age, the deckbuilder from Fantasy Flight. I played a number of times before trading it away, but it's a cool, little game. I picked up Rune Age over the weekend, and have been consistently schooled with each solo game I've played (both Dragonlords and Cataclysm).... Continue Reading →

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