The Noisavni Invasion

The Noisavni Invasion is a light, science fiction skirmish game for two players. It consists of eight scenarios that can be played individually or linked together in a campaign telling the story of a conflict between identical mecha forces across mirrored dimensions. With only two pages of rules, it’s ideal for both inexperienced wargamers and seasoned veterans who want to have a series of quick, fun battles.

Players drive the action through a strategic hand-management system that gives them partial control over the order in which units activate – both their own and the enemy’s – adding a layer of command confusion. The scenarios specify changes or exceptions to the standard rules and explain the game end and victory conditions. Some scenarios even let you “shift” your units between the parallel dimensions, adding a simulated 3D experience!

The game adds fresh ideas while incorporating familiar wargame concepts such as zone of control, supporting fire, attacker losses, and advances after combat, tucking them into the mechanisms in subtle ways that make it easy for novice players to understand.

You’ll need to print and cut 2 map sections, 10 unit standees, and (optionally) 10 Turn Tokens. The components come in two sizes, and you’ll only need to print one or two pages depending on the size you prefer. You’ll also need a regular deck of playing cards or a handful of six-sided dice.

You can get a copy of The Noisavni Invasion at Wargame Vault and visit its Board Game Geek page for more info and discussions.

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